Salt of the Sarkar

A Story of a Million Indian Soldiers who fought in WW1

About the Coordinators

Dominic Rai and Caroline Goffin

Dominic Rai and Caroline Goffin have collaborated for many years in discovering and sharing the experiences of the sepoys on the Western Front inspired by Mulk Raj Anand’s novel. They are co-directors of Salt of the Sarkar, a project of MánMelá Promotions Ltd.

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I could never have imagined what an amazing journey it would be when Dominic and I first met in South East London in 1993. I’ve written down my thoughts about our personal journey to share with you. Thank you for stopping by to share our story. – Caroline

Caroline Goffin

In 1993, Caroline Goffin discovered the history of Indian soldiers fighting on the Western Front via a play written by Dominic Rai. Due to the impact this play made she used her lifelong administrative skills in Mán Melá Theatre Company (1994 to date) including the dramatisation of Across the Black Waters by Mulk Raj Anand in 1998, and linked symposium at the Imperial War Museum in London for Remembrance weekend, combining literature and history. Her interest is in the way fiction and the voices of individuals bring historical facts to life.

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Cardiff: Creative Collaboration

Cardiff: Creative Collaboration

CARDIFF: CREATIVE COLLABORATION This post was written by Caroline Goffin. Caroline is co-director, with Dominic Rai, of Salt of the Sarkar. TITLE: Salt of the Sarkar: Indian Army on the Western Front 1914 - Fact, Fiction & Ffotograffaeth Introducing a new image of...

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Find out more about the work of Salt of the Sarkar and the 80th anniversary of the publication of  the first Edition of  Mulk Raj Anand's renowned novel Across the Black Waters